What’s unique about our solution ?

It’s simple, truly open and above all, socially responsible



Anyone can be a sponsor: a corporate CSR challenge, a HR compensation & benefits program, a sporting event organiser, a bike shop, a group of friends challenging each other.
There is only one condition to be met: you must be ready to incentivise the participants with realistic goals and fair rewards for their efforts Participants

Sponsors challenge, others do the leg work !



The App is open to any and all participants. There is no limit to the number of challenges a participant signs up for. No limit.

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria set by the sponsors and challenge yourself to the level required to collect the reward, you can be a participant!

Examples of eligibility criteria: being a staff member of the sponsor’s organisation, or time/distance training for a marathon/sport event, or simply for being present at specific location(s) during a specified period. Rewards

We set no limits, Sponsors do. Participants take on the challenges



Basically, there are 3 ways to benefit from rewards: cash, coupons and donations.
Because we are a socially responsible group of friends, we added a small twist to our application: participants can donate their rewards to eligible charities through our App.
We impose no rules, it’s up to the sponsors and the participants to decide. However, we are convinced that generosity will be a clear winner, along with the environment and health.

Challenge yourself, Walk-Run-Bike all the way !


Walk-Run-Bike is much more than just another App: our solution can accommodate multiple sponsors, participants and beneficiaries through challenges.
Our solution is for you if you are:

  • an occasional walker, runner or biker
  • a registered charity
  • a socially responsible corporate
  • a sporting event organizer
  • an active amateur athlete
  • an independent trainer
  • or ...
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Walk-Run-Bike is a first A2B+ solution, dedicated to rewarding, supporting and motivating everyone to do more walking, running and biking - human powered commuting - in everyday life.

When you walk, run or bike to your destination you are doing yourself, your community and the whole world a huge favour. Your human-powered trip means at least:

  • 1 less car in traffic
  • 1 less person stuck in traffic
  • 1 person improving their health and saving future health costs.
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Human-powered mobility needs to be encouraged and rewarded


The Team

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