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Welcome on the A2B+ website This site is operated by IMNERGY (rue Charles Arendt, 23 – L-1134 Luxembourg, Grand Duché de Luxembourg). All information contained on this website is solely for general information purpose. Quotes are indicated as such and are the responsibility of their respective owners. The website is not intended as an online merchandising site. The A2B+ application (when available) is free of charge and can be downloaded on the respective Apple and Google apps stores. As the operator, we will never request your payment details. Corporate clients will be invoiced separately as per their individual contract terms and conditions. Please read carefully the following information before using this website. If you chose to continue on the website, you explicitly confirm having read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions (« GTCs »). If you do not accept the GTCs you are not authorised to continue further on and must stop immediately from browsing the website content. "A2Bplus", « A2B+ », « A-2-B + » are trade names belonging to IMNERGY; likewise for the associated logos. Any use requires the formal and written approval by IMNERGY.

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All information contained on this website is solely for general information purpose. If you (the “User”) chose to continue on the website, the User explicitly confirms having read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions (« GTC ») without any waiver.


IMNERGY regularly reviews the information available on the website to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. However, it does not guarantee that this is the case and cannot be held accountable for inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information. By browsing the website, the User explicitly agrees to these limitations. Neither IMNERGY nor any other party involved in the creation, maintenance, hosting and update of this website may be held liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by browsing through its content, by the inability to browse through its content or from relying on information presented in its content. This limitation of liability also includes any damage caused to hardware and/or software used to browse through the website content. Furthermore, the limitation of liability also includes any virus and/or malware that may from time to time be placed against its will in the website content and features by outside parties.

Damages & compensation

The User agrees to indemnify, defend and exonerate IMNERGY, the members of its board of directors, its directors, its employees, representatives and suppliers, as well as all possible third-party partners against all losses, all expenses, all claims and all possible costs, including attorney's fees arising from any breach by you of these GTCs.

Contact details

IMNERGY respects private information and will collect no private information through this website with the exception of contact details, should you request a demo (see next paragraph). Should you complete the “Request a demo” contact details template, please note that the information collected will be used to contact you by phone or email. Should you wish to remove your name from the list, you may request this at any time by sending an email to:

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This website may from time to time contain references to and/or links to other third party (external) websites. IMNERGY and A2Bplus have no control over these external websites and cannot guarantee the accuracy or nature of the content of these external websites and IMNERGY, A2Bplus or any of their representatives cannot be held responsible for any of their contents. Similarly, while this website ( may be from time to time cross-referenced on external websites, IMNERGY and A2Bplus cannot control such links from being put in place. At no time, IMNERGY, A2Bplus nor its representatives may be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the User accessing any of the third party websites or links. The mere presence of a third party website link is not intended in any way, shape or form as an endorsement by IMNERGY, A2Bplus or its management of the third party, its business, activities or information provided.

No information contained on this website is considered as confidential. Should you send us, by email or otherwise, information (ideas, concepts, comments, pictures) to be posted on this website, it will also be considered as non-confidential. IMNERGY will have no obligations with regards to the information received and will be free to use it as and when it deems fit.

Trademarks and patents

Unless stated otherwise, all product names, whether capitalised or not, with or without an appropriate ® or patent reference, are owned and/or authorised to be used by IMNERGY, A2Bplus, Krys Sàrl and any related companies (parent, sister or daughter) to these three parties. The use or the abuse of these trademarks and patents without the explicit written authorisation from IMNERGY, A2Bplus, Krys Sàrl or any authorised management thereof is strictly prohibited and may be considered as violation of trademark, patent, libel and defamation, and commercial laws. Please note that IMNERGY, A2Bplus and Krys Sàrl actively monitor and protect their trademarks and patents and do so whenever this may be warranted.


All content on this website is protected for copyrights. Copyright © 2015-2018 A2Bplus. All rights reserved. No content, in part or in full, may be copied or used, whether electronically or otherwise.

Applicable laws

These GTCs are governed by the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and any legal action will have to be dealt with in the relevant Luxembourg court of justice.


Should any clause, in part or in full, be deemed not in line with Luxembourg law, only the clause (or part of clause) deemed so will be considered as null and void without prejudice to all remaining clauses (or part of clause). IMNERGY may update from time to time without prior notice any part of this website including these GTCs.

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